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Yugioh ultimate had an incredible season last year! Master Den miraculously battled 89 times, and emerged victorious each time, remaining the undefeated world Yugioh Ultimate RPG Champion for another year! In response to this, the RPG is now opening its doors to ALL newcomers! DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO DEFEAT THE GRANDMASTER CHAMPION OF THE WORLD?? Sign up today by clicking "Download" below and downloading our patented Yugioh duel system program. The owner is now offering a grand prize of 100 BOOSTER PACKS to anyone who can dethrone the famous Yugioh Ultimate Champion! Come one, come all!
Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate. 

Here, Duelists for the card game "Duelling Monsters" join together to battle amongst themselves and become master duelists.

If you know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh, then you're eligible to join the Ultimate RPG, where duelists from around the globe battle online using Apprentice. Apprentice is a program that lets you play card games with friends. If you don't have apprentice, just click the Download button on the main page to get it!

When you join, you can make your own deck of whatever you want, as long as you keep yourself aware and follow the card restrictions. For a list of card restrictions and forbidden cards, go to the "Card Restrictions" page at the official Yu-Gi-Oh website. If you really like Yu-Gi-Oh (or not) and still want to play but you don't know how, go to the "Official Rules" section. There, you'll find the rules all taken from the official rule book. When you've done all that, go to the "Join" page to fill out the form to join. Immediately after sending your join form to the administration, you can start dueling right away. Simply go back to the main page (This page) and click the "Play Now" button! Be prepared, however, as duelists looking for easy star points will challenge novice duelists looking for an easy win.
On the member's list page, you can find your user name, and the amount of star chips. Also, members are free to make challenges and chat on our ezboard forums. Non-members are permitted to ask questions there, but they are not permitted to challenge. When you become a member, you will also recieve a dueling glove and 3 star chips. If you lose all of your star chips, you can still duel, but it will be hard to win back starchips. You'll have to challenge a real cocky duelist. Unless someone gives you one. 
When you duel someone, you must play the game like it should be, because there is no programming in apprentice to calculate magic cards and trap cards. For instance, if someone plays trap hole when you summon your Dark Magician, you must right click the Dark Magician, and 'bury' it, meaning 'destroying' it. The chat window at the bottom of apprentice will capture all actions made. At the end of a duel, you MUST, copy and paste the chat box, so that I can evaluate it and make sure it was played fair. You must only send the chat box if the if the duel contained a bet of star chips or whatnot. If the chat screen was sent and reveals cheating or false play, the results will be changed. Also, if someone says there was cheating, and their was no cheating (after time spent evaluating) YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED! I REPEAT, SUSPENDED! The winner will get the bet if there was any.



If you are having problems installing apprentice, or the apprentice patch and accessories, please e-mail me.

We are not in any way affiliated with Konami and this is merely a fan site.