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Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate RPG 2012/2013

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The people of the forums are always there to help you, if you feel embaressed, just email me, at and i'll explain anything you need to know..


Purpose of RPG

I've seen pathetic rpgs and stupid and dumb message board yu-gi-oh rpgs. I wanted to prove that online yu-gi-oh could be done. And with the wonderful apprentice, it can. Apprentice helps make us the top rpg site. With more people joining every day, and no stupid ladders or refs needed. All you need is apprentice, and your ip. Apprentice's ip connect system is flawless, it has built in security and every existing english yu-gi-oh card in it's database. We hope to become a strong rpg that will last as long as the card game does.

With your help...

With your help, we can become a vast and powerful #1 yu-gi-oh community. Tell people, tell friends, advertise wherever you can. When people start to figure this place out, they'll be pushing to get in. And I expect that your dedication and patience will last that long. Have fun and never give up hope.

We are not in any way affiliated with Konami and this is merely a fan site and has no intensions of making any money what-so-ever.