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Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate RPG 2012/2013

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We are always looking for people interested in joining our rpg, just as long as they're 13 years or older. :p


How Can You Join?

To join, go to the "Join" section and fill out the form and click 'send' when we recieve your notice, we will add you as soon as possible to the members list and you can start duelling immediately.


Who Can Join?

We invite anybody even interested in playing yu-gi-oh, as long as they fully understand it before they join to save us and the other members the troubles of tolerance. You must be at least 13 years or older to join.

Benefits of Joining

We predict lots of wholesome rpg fun where everyone can challenge eachother with different decks and make it to face top bosses like Pegasus, and Yami Yugi. This rpg will put all of your dueling skills to the test.

We are not in any way affiliated with Konami and this is merely a fan site and has no intensions of making any money what-so-ever.