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Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate RPG 2012/2013

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Download and understand Apprentice or you won't be able to join here.


All you need to do is go to the following link and you can find out all about apprentice and you can download it as well.

Get Apprentice + more!


Each player draws their respective 5 cards and when magic cards such as dark hole are played, both players must do the respective burying (destroying) to their monsters.

BURY: A command used for destroying in Apprentice, to bury, right click a monster and click "bury".

END PHASE: Means end turn, is executed by clicking the button that has an arrow pointing to a T. This gives the other person a chance to draw.

DRAW: Pick up a card each turn, it wont do it automatically. To draw, click the button showing a book with an arrow coming out of it.

EDITING YOUR DECK: To edit your deck and create the same deck as you chose to begin with when you joined, click the button with a book and a pen on the book. You must have the exact deck you joined with, when you wish to add a new card, edit it in and save, and notify me of the change by email.

DEFENCE MODE: To put a monster in defence mode, right click a monster and press "tap"

ATTACK MODE: To attack with a monster, right click a monster of yours and click "Attack" then drag that card next to an opponents card to show your opponent which monster you are attacking.

MORE, MORE, MORE: There are many other options that you can excecute by right clicking a monster of yours, including "return to hand", "flip card over" and "view card".

To start a new game, click the button with a wand with a star at the top of it, Then load your saved deck. Then you must click 'connect to internet' then make 5 cards starting in your hand. THEN you must click "life points" and type in 8000 and when you've done this, click "ok" because if you type in 8000 and click somewhere else, the meter will go down to 999, so right after typing 8000 in life points, the next place to click is "ok". To play a card from your hand face down immediately, hold down shift while dragging a card from your hand to the field. 

I understand that apprentice may be confusing at first, but once you play a bit, you'll get the hang of it. Good luck, and have fun!

We are not the creators of Apprentice and are not affiliated with them, we are just a fan site determined to use their wonderful program to make this site more civilized.