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Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate RPG 2012/2013

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This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.

(This page is managed by our writer, eddie.)

December 2008

Important matches this month:
Winner: none
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-FIRE Boss
-Easy Kill
-The Challenged

TheYu-Gi-Oh Ultimate RPG has just re-opened for a re-grand opening! Why? Because the bad start without apprentice downloads fully functional made people sign up and then leave. We've cleared the members list so if you joined before and still want to be a part of the rpg, RE-JOIN now! With this new start, we've attracted all new members and we are continuing to boom! But we all need your help to attract new members. PLEASE, tell your friends! If they're into yu-gi-oh, get them here, and make them join, because with new members, the rpg will get much more fun. The more members, the more people around here, AND the more challenges. SO advertise us everywhere you can, in your signature at other message boards. By posting ads across message boards or by emailing others or creating an affiliation with other web sites. If we work now, we can get upto 50 members in a month! I've seen it happen, and boy is it ever fun! Good luck! And Thanks for reading!

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Spick and Spam

The rpg looks to be coming out nicely, with many people lined up and ready to join us in our online yu-gi-oh rpg community. People from all over question the spick and spam of the site, while the owner just replies "I've worked out the many bugs and springs. I think the downloads are working fine now." People are also questioning his rpg authority. Is this rpg his first in the making? Owner simply replies "No." After continuous talk, he has stated, "I've made over 10 rpgs already, most of them were complete successes and were a lot of fun too.. I think this rpg will be one of my last, seeing as I'm going to try to keep it alive as long as this card game sticks with me." There you have it, a determined creator, we definately have a promising future here at the Ultimate RPG. Maybe this could go so far as a year? Who knows? We don't, nobody does! We'll just have to wait and see. I'm eddie, I'll see you around!

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.